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Scottish Parliament: Scots Pairlament Cross Pairty Group on the Scots Leid, Meenits o the meetin hauden on 19 June 2003

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Scots Pairlament Cross Pairty Group on the Scots Leid

Meenits o the meetin hauden on 19 June 2003


Rob Gibson MSP – Convener
Alex Johnstone MSP
Eleanor Scott MSP

Pauline Cairns; Fiona Campbell; Dougal Carnegie; Ronnie Cramond; Colin Donati; Sheila Douglas; Robert Fairnie; Michael Hance; Richard Heinsar; Aileen Hume; John Kirk; John Law; Annot Lightheart; Gavin McDougal; Stuart McHardy; Margaret Mackay; Nancy Nicolson; Ann Raynor; David Stevenson; Moira Stratton

1. Walcome an Apologies

Rob Gibson walcomed aabodie tae the meetin and notit that apologies had been pit in bi Cathy Baker, Sheena Blackhall, John Corbett, Fiona Douglas, Matthew Fitt, Michael Glen, Joy Hendry, Liz Niven, Janet Paisley, Cathy Peattie MSP, Paul Scott, Gavin Wallace an Sheena Wellington.

2. Full name o Group

The full name o the group wis gr’eed tae be the Cross-Pairtie Group i the Scottish Pairliament on the Scots Leid. In English the group’ll be kent as the Cross-Party Group in the Scottish Parliament on the Scots Language

3. Ettle o the Group

It wis gr’eed that the Group wad

Ettle tae forder the cause o the Scots leid, lat Memmers ken aboot the cultur an heritage o the leid and shaw the need for action tae uphaud Scots.

The follaein owerset intil English wis gr’eed bi the Group:

Try to promote the cause of Scots, inform members of the culture and heritage of the language and highlight the need for action to support Scots.

4. Memmers o the Group

Oniebodie can become a memmer o the group and fowk wis askit tae lat the secretariat ken the names o oniebodie that shuid be pit on til the present list o memmers.

The Group maun hae representatives fae aa the pairties in the Pairlament wi mair nor five memmers. It wis notit that the follaein MSPs had indicated that they wad lik tae jyne the Group:

Colin Fox – SSP; Rob Gibson – SNP; Donald Gorrie – Liberal Democrat; Alex Johnstone – Conservative; Cathy Peattie – Labour; Eleanor Scott – Scottish Green

5. Officers of the Group

Rob Gibson MSP wis elected tae the post o Convener. He wis nominated bi Alex Johnstone MSP and saiconted bi Eleanor Scott MSP.

Cathy Peattie MSP wis elected tae the post o Vice-Convener. She wis nominated bi Rob Gibson MSP and saiconted bi Alex Johnstone MSP.

It wis gr’eed that Joy Hendry shuid be askit tae be the Treasurer.

The Group’s secretar wad be Michael Hance fae the Scots Language Resource Centre. The Group gr’eed that the SLRC shuid provide the group wi secretariat services for the nixt wee whilie.

6. Siller or ither benefits whaur onie sum is mair nor £250


7. Subscriptions

It wis gr’eed that it wad be free tae jyne the Group.

8. Staff employed

The group winna employ onie staff.

9. Group Contack

The Group contacks will be Rob Gibson MSP and Michael Hance. Contack details for baith o them will be pit roon aa the memmers an displayed an aa on the Group’s page on the Pairlament website.

10. Future Activity

It wis gr’eed that the Group wad mak efforts tae continue wi its work in the follaein areas:

An invite wad be gien til the Depute Meenister for Culture, speirin at him tae come til a meetin o the group wi the specifick purposes o discussing the development o a Strategie for Scots an the establishment o a language sub-group o the National Cultural Strategie’s Implementation Group.

A meetin shuid tak place atween fowk fae the Group an Douglas Ansdell, a civil servant fae the Executive, tae discuss weys tae develop a language strategie.

Representatives fae the group shuid continue tae meet wi Maggie Cunningham at BBC Radio Scotland tae discuss the uise o Scots on the station.

Mair shuid be dane tae consider the implication o the BBC Chairter. Fiona Campbell will dae something wi this.

11. Ony Ither Business

John Kirk minded aabodie aboot the Languages o Scotland an Ireland Symposium tae be hauden in Belfast in September. Details can be had fae John or fae the SLRC.

Gavin MacDougal tellt the Group o a initiative tae mak Edinburgh intil a World City of Literature. The pynt o’t wad be tae mind fowk o the inpit that Scots fowk haes made til the airt o scrievin. Gavin wad finn oot mair anent the intiative and report back til the group in September.

Maggie Mackay gied fowk mair information on the report that had been commissioned in til the propone tae set up a Institute for the Languages of Scotland. The report wis suin tae be oot an Maggie promised tae keep aabodie in the Group up tae date wi whit it contained and whit wis tae happen nixt.

Pauline Cairns wis fair pleased tae tell aabodie that Chris Robinson had been appyntit tae the post o Jynt Education Officer wi the SLD an the ASLS.

12. Date, Time an Whaurabouts o Nixt Meetin

The nixt meetin will be hauden at 6 pm on the 16t September 2003 at a place somewhaur i the Pairlament that’s yit tae be confirmed. It wis notit that Canonba Hoose michtna be the best place as it wisna the maist accessible pairt o the Pairlament or the warmest in the caulder pairts o the year.

Michael Hance

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