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Minutes of Caledonian Philatelic Society meeting 2148

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The Caledonian Philatelic Society

Minutes of meeting 2148 held on Thursday 29th March 2001, Room327, John Anderson Building, University of Strathclyde.

The President opened the meeting by welcoming those present. There was a special welcome for Mrs [CENSORED: forename][CENSORED: surname] and Mrs [CENSORED: forename][CENSORED: surname]

Apologies: [CENSORED: forename][CENSORED: surname], [CENSORED: forename][CENSORED: surname], [CENSORED: forename][CENSORED: surname] and [CENSORED: forename][CENSORED: surname] (not doing so well after an excellent previous week, but a not unexpected happening we are told).

Minutes: were on the table.

President’s Intimations: The President welcomed [CENSORED: forename][CENSORED: surname] on attending his first meeting as a member. At the Rowland Hill Awards in London there had been success for some of the Glasgow 2000 committee. [CENSORED: forename][CENSORED: surname] was given an Individual award for his ‘Design a Label for Glasgow 2000’ and for his contact with schools. There was a joint award in the Innovation category – [CENSORED: forename][CENSORED: surname] for organising the first ‘Social Philately’ Competition to be held in GB and [CENSORED: forename][CENSORED: surname] for obtaining the first National Lottery Award to be given to Philately.

Secretary: BPT Annual Report was available as were Autumn Stampex entry forms. [CENSORED: forename][CENSORED: surname] would be holding a fair on 15th September in the Mitchell Library’s Moir Hall from 10 –4.

Treasurer: Absent

Packet Secretary: Nothing to report

Librarian: Requested return of books out on loan before the Summer recess – unless they were absolutely essential.

Delegate to Congress: He also reminded members of Congress and said that there was the possibility of moving it to Perth and invited comments and observations.

Copies of the third issue of Scottish Philately (the news-sheet of the ASPS) were on the table.

Display: The President invited Miss [CENSORED: forename][CENSORED: surname] to present her display on Music. Miss [CENSORED: surname] opened her display by saying that the evening would range from Early Baroque through to Late Romantic. We were then treated to a splendid showing of stamps, covers, postcards, special postmarks and miniature sheets. The latter part of the first round was devoted to Mozart and included some fine covers brought back, by Miss [CENSORED: surname], from a ‘pilgrimage’ to Salzburg.

The main part of the second round, opened with, and was devoted to Beethoven – the last of the great Classic composers and the first great Romantic. The round finished off with a selection of the other Masters and a section on Nationalism within the Romantic Movement.

All the major composers had been covered, and we had seen some very fine material. The evening had also been enriched by Miss [CENSORED: surname]’s commentary.

Vote of Thanks: [CENSORED: forename][CENSORED: surname] was delighted to be giving the vote of thanks as she and [CENSORED: forename] had collected Music together over many years and had enjoyed visits to Mrs [CENSORED: forename][CENSORED: surname] when she had been alive. With regard to the display she said that we had seen many very fine items, some of which she would be more than happy to see in her own collection. [CENSORED: forename]’s Presentation had been wonderful and it had been a splendid evening. The Society concurred with a very hearty round of applause.

Next Meeting: 12th April – The AGM.

Tea Rota: [CENSORED: forename][CENSORED: surname]

Barrier: [CENSORED: forename][CENSORED: surname].

The President closed the evening by wishing everyone a safe journey home.

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