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Minutes of Caledonian Philatelic Society meeting 2115

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The Caledonian Philatelic Society

Minutes of meeting 2115 on Thursday 20 January 2000. Room 327, John Anderson Building, University of Strathclyde.

In the absence of the President, who was delivering a Paper to a learned conference at Crieff, Senr. Vice-President [CENSORED: forename][CENSORED: surname] opened the meeting by welcoming those present. A special welcome was extended to Mr & Mrs [CENSORED: forename][CENSORED: surname] – the Finnish Consul.

Apologies were received on behalf of [CENSORED: forename][CENSORED: surname], [CENSORED: forename][CENSORED: surname], [CENSORED: forename][CENSORED: surname], [CENSORED: forename][CENSORED: surname], [CENSORED: forename][CENSORED: surname], [CENSORED: forename][CENSORED: surname], [CENSORED: forename][CENSORED: surname], [CENSORED: forename][CENSORED: surname], [CENSORED: forename][CENSORED: surname], [CENSORED: forename][CENSORED: surname]

Minutes: were on the table

President’s Intimations: Competition entries should be handed in by 27th January.

Secretary: Various auction catalogues, Fairs, London 2000, Letter from [CENSORED: forename][CENSORED: surname] regarding his new shop, Mrs [CENSORED: forename][CENSORED: surname] was looking for an example of the 1980 Oberammergau cancellation, Barrier and Tea rotas were circulated.

Treasurer: not present.

Packet secretary: not present.

Librarian: nothing to report.

Delegate to Congress: not present.

The Vice-President, [CENSORED: forename][CENSORED: surname], then introduced Mr [CENSORED: forename][CENSORED: surname] of Falkirk P.S. and asked him to present the evening’s display – “Åland” and “The Life and Times of Gustaf Erikson”.

Mr [CENSORED: surname] began by describing Åland (pronounced Oh-land) and giving its position. It was an archipelago of 6,500 granite ribbed islands in the Gulf of Bothnia some 60 below the Arctic Circle and was a province of Finland but issued its own stamps. We were then shown some 20 pages of early postal history where special interest was shown, by members, in the so-called ‘meander marks’. There were various types on show – three and four ‘looped’; single or double lined strokes and some with various letters in the bottom loops. They were said to have derived from Sweden’s ‘Three Crowns’ when Åland and Finland were included in the Kingdom of Sweden.

On view, also, was a cover with evidence of a feather in the seal. These were important letters and rare from Åland.

The remainder of the round was devoted to stamps of Åland dating from 1984 when Finland issued a statute allowing their issue. These could also be used in Finland. In 1992 Åland issued its own stamps – these were not available in Finland. The country follows a conservative issuing policy with all issues being totally relevant to Åland.

Mr [CENSORED: surname] began the second round by relating the difficult and dangerous efforts to get mail from Sweden in wintertime between 1638 and 1895. More lives were lost on this route than any other in the world. The display continued with more stamp issues and finished with a splendid selection of material showing sailing ships connected with Åland and Gustaf Erikson (1872 – 1947) the shipping magnate.

Vote of thanks: Mrs [CENSORED: forename][CENSORED: surname] thanked and complimented Mr [CENSORED: surname] on a splendid display. This was heartily endorsed by the Society.

Next meeting: Thursday 27 January – ‘Displays by the Committee’.

The Vice-President closed the meeting by wishing everyone a safe journey home.

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