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Ye ken, for lots o's, spring is the best season o the eer - April 4, 2005

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We'll try another year again The seed is in the ground Troubled Fields - Frieda Morrison MAN bit it dis yer hairt gweed tae get a hale day or twa o sunshine wi the rise in temperature gaurin a body cast the jaiket an haud oot tae the gairden.

If only. For a cheil fest approachin the allotit span, I scratch't the pow, lookin at a gye congestit diary, an socht the help o a freen tae clear awa winter's remains an set tee wi a will wi the spaad an the graip tae keep tee wi spring.

Oh, bit Esma's been rale busy wi her gairdenin protticks an ere's naething she likes better than haudin oot tae the greenhoose up tae the oxters mang trays an compost.

The hoose is back inta some semblance o order wi winda sills noo clear o seed trays, an the sweet peas are oot tae harden aff.

Ay, it's spring again, wi aa the twists an turns that Mother Nature can throw at's.

I did warn ye a wikk or twa back that thon coorse wither wisna the Teuchat's Storm - it's still tae come an syne look oot for the Gab o Mey.

It's changed days on mony a fairm, even since Frieda Morrison wrote her commentary in sang on tribbl't fields, es efter attendin a meetin o fairmers in Auchnagatt Hall in aatumn o 1987 tae share their worries an concern aboot the future o fairmin.

"If the rains don't wash away all we ever had, we'll try another year and stay upon this troubled land." FOR lots o's, spring is the best season o the eer an sae weel documentit bi oor skeely wordsmiths showin the cheenges ower the eers fae wir granfathers' time.

I hae been haein a ca-throwe ma gran collection o beuks o poems an life in es neuk, a collection supplementit bi the generosity o Colin Mearns in presenting me wi a curn fae's faither's ain collection, lots o them signed bi the authors in appreciation o the fine contribution John C. Mearns made tae north-east life.

Thanks tae Colin an nae doubt I'll dwall at greater linth on some o them in ma lamgamachies on a Monday.

Ae beuk that took ma ee wis A Breath o the North-East, bi George Stephen, Lord Provost o the City o Aiberdeen at the time it wis published in 1958.

On the advent o spring, he muses that "April rains shall sure prepare for freshness of the fields in May".

The freshness o the fields o May mean less tae some fairmers in es changed days wi braw irrigation systems feedin inta muckle tunnels o straaberries an raw upon raw o daffies wytin tae be cut in the bud for markets near an far.

It's a far cry fae J.M. Caie's fairmin days at Nether Dallachy in the 1930s fin "roon again comes shaavin (sowin) time wi grubber, roller, harra - tae haud fowk oot o langer, dod, the hairst's its only marra".

Modern machinery sees less steer aboot the fairm, bit the oors are jist as lang an the rewards as fickle, speecially the noo wi the lambin in full swing.

Nature will aye hae the upper haun an will hae the final answer I fear if interfered wi.

I winner on es tests on the go tae inject inta the embryo tae bring ye the sex ye wint in a bairn - gyan ower far, surely.

Like a feow eer seen fin freens o oors were on holiday at es time in Aviemore an a great attraction wis the different colours o day-aul chickens, the colours obtain't bi squirtin a dye inta the egg. Even at's sma beer tae fit's happenin nooadays.

We canna turn the clock back an, wi that, lat me tell ye o ma eence eerin tae Inverurie on Setterday. I cwidna turn the damnt clock forrit last wikkeyn wi simmer time upon's.

I hae a spleet new car an it gaed ower ma back tae meeve the digital clock that oor forrit. Damnt modern accootriments.

TAE feenish, it's back tae ma theme on unnerstannin the Doric tongue, an Gladys Thomson, o Inverurie, tells me o the fairmer wifie fa gaed doon the toon fin her man wis at Kittybrewster Mart. In she went tae Boots the droggist for a bottle o meth which she hid tae sign for, explainin fit it wis tae be eest for.

She wrote 'for singin hens".

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