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Jeel't tae the marra on a day oot tae the fitba - March 14, 2005

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Wi ma frostit fingers dirlin Like the shakers o a mull I Wadna Be an Orra Loon - J.C. Milne I SHID o kent better than lippen on "the shoorin an shinin" days o early Mairch. Surely we hinna hid the Teuchits' Storm es early, tho a quick ca throwe ma beuks o reference his different periods dependin on far ye bide an the kyn o season it is.

I wis fair stumpit, tho, fin an aal worthy tirl't tae the lan an the wyes o nature suggestit that es last day or twa o coorse wither as the caal kalends o Mairch.

Be at as it may, it did seem a gweed idea at the time.

The loon - I shid stop caain him at; he's noo 27 an a gweed feow inches bigger than his shelpit faither - wis up for the wikkeyn tae help weet the heid o a pal's newborn bairn an thocht he wid like tae ging we's tae Pittodrie on Setterday efterneen.

Haein ma ain season ticket, I cried in by the booking office on Wednesday an wis trickit tae get the verra seat neist tae mine.

It wis a fine spring-like day then. Bit come Setterday, wi yon snell win, Pittodrie didna haud the same attraction.

It maun be aul age an a cosy fireside wi the wireless at ma lug seem't a better idea, bit ach, happit wi layer upon layer o claes maakin's look like the Michelin mannie, I roadit an seen forgot aboot the caal as the Dandy Dons rattl't in the goals.

Jeel't tae the marra tho I wis comin hame, I wis gled I made the effort an thocht ma teamie did weel, bit Gordon wis less halesome in's praise, thinkin Hibs deserv't better.

It's aa richt for him wi sae muckle tap teams tae pick fae doon in the far sooth.

YE KEN, I jist hae realis't es is the first time I hae brocht up fitba in es column aa season, so I maun o teen heid o the wifie's "nae again" fin I brocht up the subject a feow times last eer.

Like the lave, I argee back an fore on es player an at player, bit I really think the fowk pitten their views es early in the letters tae the papers are ower the score an for wir twa Jimmy's in chairge at Pittodrie it shid be wyte a filie - gie them the chunce, tho tae Messrs Calderwood an Nicholl it's waater aff a deuk's back.

Tae bide in the tap six in the league is great progress fae the doldrums o last eer athoot lashin oot the siller like some ither clubs, an tho it wid be great, I widna worry ower sair if we didna haud on tae third place. These days will come.

Ere's things a lot waur than the wither tae worry aboot, tho. Tak Hearts's plea for an inquiry cis the feel mannie o a linesman held up his flag tae gie Rangers a last-meenit winner the ither wikk. Oh ay, it's sair tae tak, bit fit's new? Ye maun tak the gweed wi the bad, as they fun oot in their neist game.

Ay, ere's a sortin-oot needit at the hichest level if fitba is tae bide aneth the category o "sport".

Still on fitba, I cwidna bit lach at a paragraph in wir sister paper the Evening Express last Wednesday.

"Forfar eased their worries about relegation from the Second Division with a 2-0 win over Forfar." Foo tae avoid relegation - play een anither.

NOO at's the fitba teen throwe haun, so lat's get back tae ma culinary capers on porritch maakin last wikk. Mrs Prise, o Turriff, wis able tae tell me that Duncan Hilditch addit a taespeenfu o sugar, an nae honey as I thocht.

Bit back tae the loon an's wikkeyn visit tae feenish. His mither hid been telling o ma chaos in the kitchen an he wis able tae tell's he took his porritch ilka morning efter traivellin in tae the City o London till's wark.

I wis fair prood o him for stickin tae his Scottish reets till I heard that - wyte for't - he uses packeties o some soss ca'd Oatso Simple an ye get different flavours including seerup an baked aipple. Syne he adds milk, microwaves for two-an-a-half meenits an, hey presto.

The ither day, he gaed farrer an crumbl't up a bourbon biscuit inta the sotter.

Murly Tams taks on a new meanin.

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