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Wilton Gardens Residents Association Newsletter June 1985

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Wilton - Gardens Residents' Association


will take place on Sunday 25th August 1985
Judges will again include representatives from the Parks Department who greatly favour decorative window boxes as well as attractive gardens


A.G.M. June 10th: Constable Duff of the Crime Prevention Dept. of Maryhill Police Station showed a film that made everyone think. He gave a most informative talk and had brought along a useful display of all types of locks etc. for doors and windows. He was able to answer residents' questions ably. He reminded everyone that if anyone wished advice on the security of their home they should get in touch with the Crime Prevention dept. and an Officer will call and advise you as to the most suitable deterrents for your home. This service is free of charge.

Because of an increase in thefts of damage to and of cars they had had plain clothes officers in the area recently and he had compared the crime figures between 15th April and 10th June with the same period last year and was able to tell us that Housebreaking was down 26%, thefts of and from cars down 20% and that total crime was down 5.7%. This does not mean that we should rest on our laurels (or that they should either). He again emphasised that if anyone is in the least bit suspicious of anything they should dial 999. They would rather be called out, even if it meant a false alarm...bettter safe than sorry. Co-operation from residents, especially over the holiday period, means that our area could be regarded as one of 'Good Neighbours'. Always let the Police Stn. know when you are going on holiday..they will not visit the house but at least they know to keep an eye open when on the beat and would know who held keys and how to contact you should anything go wrong.

BICYCLE STAMPING: The School holiday period is a time for thefts of bicycles. The Crime Prevention Panel are having a Bicycle marking session on Monday, 1st July from 2p.m. to 4p.m. in the vestibule of Kelvin Stevenson Memorial Church, Belmont Street. Bicycles (both children and adults) will be stamped with your post code and should it be stolen then there's more chance of getting it back. Periodically the Police have a day when they have a security check on bikes and if the person who has the bike does not live at the address of the post code on the bike (if stamped) then they would check on this. With the price of bicycles now it is worthwhile taking advantage of this free service. Get your children to take their bikes along to Belmont Street on 1st July.

Deteriation of Properties: After our last Newsletter we have received written complaints from residents about some multi-let property that has received little or no attention for years and when the other owners maintain their properties they feel that this kind of thing lowers the respectability of the neighbourhood. Despite contact with the absentee landlord, no action has yet been taken.

West End of Wilton Street: The Committee have had no response from [CENSORED: companyname] Construction Company with regard to reinstating the land on which they parked their cabins etc. We have followed up previous correspondence expressing surprise that a firm of their standing has not even acknowledged our previous correspondence.

Newsletters: Are issued to all households whether paid up members or not. We have heard that residents like to receive our Newsletters (even non-members have said this). There are not many issued in a year but some residents have said that although they couldn't spare the time to serve on the Committee they'd be willing to deliver the Newsletters. If you'd like to help this way, please let us know.

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