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Gospel subject. Two Rich men

I may say Dear friends I have been considering these two men for a short time back. How the one was saved and the other was lost I am not a platform man I would rather be a listner to one expounding the truth of God than do so myself. I think there is nothing so sweet, and just as we read of the two who was on their way home from Jerusalem to Emmaus and was met by the risen Lord Him self it is recorded that He expounded unto them in all the Scriptures from Moses to Malachi the things concerning Him self And they were compeled to say did not our heart burn within us while He talked to us by the way. So I would just like to speak a little to you tonight concerning these 2 men We find the one in 16th Chapter of Luke and the other in the 19th chapter Both men it is said of them was rich and both of them claimed to be son’s of Abraham. Now I will deal with the one who perished it was not because he was rich that he perished. O no we read of many who had riches and yet was loved and saved. We read of One Joseph of Arimathea who was a rich man a good man and a just man And he was a disciple of Jesus. But this man it seems had been living from day to day with his affections set on things of the earth which his riches was able to bring to him. But there was a day arrived that his body was affected by a deadly disease and in a short time he died. being seperated from all the luxuries he had enjoyed it is recorded of Him he opened his eyes in Hell being in torment. O what a change for this man who had set God to one side while he lived on earth. No time for the God of Heaven but living in the enjoyment that his riches was bringing him And as he opened his eyes and realized where he was he cries in the anguish of his soul. Father Abraham have mercy on me Send Lazarus to dip the tip of his finger in water and cool my tongue For i am tormented in this flame. But he was to late no mercy could be extended to him Only Abraham reminded him how he lived in the past and that now he was tormented. And he reminded him that there was no comunication between Lazarus and Him. The Great Gulph that has never been bridged was between him and Lazarus. two or three weeks ago I was reading of a few Gulphs that had been bridged such as Firth of Forth, Firth of Tay and a few others But this Great Gulph was without a bridge So there was no comming and going nor no escape for him out of that place of torment So realizing how he was placed for all Eternity he remembered his 5 Brethren still left on this side of time and knowing that they were in the same state of soul as he had been his desire was for Abraham to send Lazarus to warn them lest they also would come in to this place of torment. But he was informed by Abraham that they had Moses and the prophets and if they Believed them they would be saved. This is i believe the mistake he had made He had rejected God’s word and had died in His sins So where Lazarus was he could not be allowed to enter No unsaved sinner will ever be where Jesus is There names must all be in the Lambs Book of Life. They must all belong to God and be His Children by Faith in the Christ that died for them or else they will find them selves in that place or destiny where this rich man found Him self. Thank God for every one that can say they are saved. The Question might be asked what are you saved from. Well you are saved from the penalty of your sins. If the Lord Jesus has not died for them as a subsistute for you, then you must suffer for them in that place that God has prepared for the Devil and His Angels Instead of everlasting life it will be everlasting Fire and torment for you No escape. How shall ye escape who neglects so great a salvation. That was what this rich man had done. And he found out his mistake when it was to late. No prayers could be answered no Gulph crossed to late to late was his cry. This is what the death of our Lord Jesus has done for us who are saved and that is the reason we can sing O Happy day when Jesus washed our sins away. Now the Lord Jesus the Great God and Saviour knew what he was talking about when He gave out this warning and this is the reason He came down from Heaven above to die on Calvary for Poor fallen Humanity. If there had been no Hell to shun there would have been no need of a Saviour He loved us, Sinners though we were and He only asks us to believe it. No works No religon He asks for nothing to be done by us. But simply for us to Believe that He finished the work God His Father gave Him to do. So He declares if we confess with our mouth and Believe in our heart that He died for our sins and that God raised Him from the dead we shall be saved and made happy for all Eternity. May you do so to night. Now we have read in the 19th Chapter of Luke concerning Zacchaeus. He was a rich man a chief among the Publickans and he had a desire to see Jesus. I am sure he would have heard much about Him. The great miricales He had performed and the Good He was doing to all He came in contact with So learning that He had to pass by His way He was determined to have a look at this unique Person who was declaring that He was Son of God. But owing to the multitude that was following Him he thought within him self he was going to have no chance of seeing Him. He was very little in stature and this accounted for that. However he saw in the distance a sycomore tree so he ran in front of the Crowd and perched him self up the tree But the Lord who came to seek and save the lost fixed His eye on this Zacchaeus and He knew he wanted to come in contact with Him. So He cries up to Him to make haste and Come down There was no time for delay He was never going to pass that way again and if Zacchaeus was to be saved it was now So the wee chap came down he obeyed his Lords call There was no other way but to trust and Obey. And i think i see him when he came down from his perch shaking His hand and receiving Him joyfully going on making his confession before that Great throng of having received the Lord and Jesus allso confessed to having received wee Zacchaeus as a sinner who was lost and also a son of Abraham. Now I may say this old old story puts me in mind of a wee Zacchaeus i was intimate with he was a little over 4ft in height and a colliery winding engine man. Many a time he winded me up and down the shaft to my work below. His name was George Richmond a native of Fergushill And he had three Brothers saved but George was still in his sins untill the Ayrshire tent came to the village 6 years after I was saved. The preacher was Mr James Forbes and the meetings began. So Mr Forbes got George and his wife to attend. I can see him yet sitting 3 or 4 seats in front of me drinking in the truth of God concerning him self with the result wee Gordy and his wife both got saved. And I can tell you that was a happy night in his experience. We had a meeting in the open at 10 oclock and wee Gordy standing in the midst of the ring confessed the Lord who had saved Him a short time after this George was called home. He retired at 11pm on a Saturday night and never again opened his eyes on this side of time He was absent from the body But present with the Lord How was he saved He simply believed He was a sinner by practise and by birth. And he joyfully like Zacchaeus of old received the Lord Jesus as his saviour

May the Lord take a dealing with you if you are here to night still in your sins as wee Gordy was. And may you act as he did Receive the Lord Jesus as your Saviour and go on as the Eunuch rejoicing on his way

Now I have been considering that wonderfull old story of how Nicodemus was saved. This man seemed to be a fine religious man, a ruler of the Jews, and he had been hearing of the Great mircales this [illegible] man was performing and he thought to him self he would steal down in the darkness of the night and have a talk with him. And I think I hear him knocking at the door of the house where the Lord resided that memorable night in Nicodemus’es life. He is admited in to the company of the most wonderfull man on earth. He was performing mircales that no other man could perform and it was this that attracted Nicodemus to Him. And as soon as he entered in to His presence he made known to Jesus how he had come to visit Him. He says you must be a teacher sent from God for no man except one sent from God could perform such. Jesus answered him Except a man be born again he cannot see or enter into the Kingdom of God. Nicodemus was thunder struck by that remark. Born again he says I cannot understand how a man can be born again. He was quite aware of how a man was born for the first time, but to be born the second time when a man was old was beyond Nicodemus’es apprehension. O He says marvel not be not surprised to be born of the flesh comes first But to be born of the spirit is the spiritual aspect of being born again. So before a man can enter in to the Kingdom of God or become a child of God or be one of the Great Family of God He must be born again I rember 8 or 9 years before I was saved I was working in the pit beside a man who was one of the Bretheren His name was John Reid. So we began to discuss the need of being saved and he began in his discourse to cast down the minsters of religion in that day And of course it did not go down with me. I told him that if Mr Lee Kerr. ma. did not know the right way to heaven I did not believe he a poor illiterate miner knew. And I think I see him yet turning round to me and telling me that though I played the organ in the big Kirk I would have to be born again So that was old Jocks way of it and he had the best of the argument which I learned 8 or 9 years after that day in the Pit. Well Nicodemus got his understanding opened up i believe by the Lord taking him back to the children of Isrells time when they sined against God and for such God came down on them in Judgement by sending firey serpents amongst them which bit them and the result was that many was dying and others suffering much from the posionus bite of these serpents and they aproached Moses asking him to pray to God to take away the serpents So Moses prayed to God and after God heard their confession of their sin and heard Moses prayer. He answered by directing Moses to erect a firey serpent up on a pole and the moment one was bitten and gave a look at the serpent on the Pole they would be cured. So the Lord reminds Nicodemus of that incident and He says just as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness so must the Son of Man be lifted up that who so ever beleived on Him should not Perish but have Eternal Life. and I have not a doubt but that man got his eyes opened at that moment. To be born again came by Faith not by religon or Good works but by beleiving and in the 7th Chap of John Nicodemus appears again defending Jesus and He came out bright with Joseph of Arathamea and was at the Burial of our Lord when all the other disciples had fled from that scene. Except a few dear Bold sisters

I wonder if all that is sitting in front of me are born again. Dear sinner if you are hear to night I trust you understand from what you have heard to night from the Life of your Saviour It is either believe what you have heard and accept the Lord as you Saviour or perish for all Eternity Who so ever beleives that Jesus is the Christ is born of God And all who beleives in Him are saved are His Children and are one of the Family of God.

Christian or Christ Like one

I have been taken up with the word Christian. It is only mentioned in the Scriptures three times. In the 11th chapter of Acts we read that the disciples was first called Christians. Previous to that they were called disciples or followers of Christ or Believers or Brethren. But strange to say Paul never once calls them Christians. Saints or Sinners saved by Grace or dear Brethren. Now if you ever mean to spend Eternity in the presence of Christ you must become a Christian. No sinner unsaved will ever be in His presence of Christ. So it is most important that you should be a Christian. You might ask the question what have I to do to become a christian. Well I must say you have got nothing to do to become a Christian Except to Beleive the word of God or record of God and Receive the Lord Jesus as your Saviour who came into this world to save sinners. The moment a man or a woman receives the Lord Jesus that moment you are born into the family of God. You be come a Child of God by Faith in Christ. We Read of a King after having listened to the apostle Paul expressing him self to Paul that he was allmost Persuaded to become a Christian. We never read He was Persuaded. So there is many like Him. But i trust there will be someone here to night be persuaded and will leave this meeting a happy Christian. Rejoicing in the knowledge that Christ is your Saviour that your sins has all been forgiven and that you are now on your Road to Heaven

A short meditation

Being one who has little to do except meditate on the love and worth of my Blessed Saviour I was led to think on how we have been created, it is very strange to think amongst the millions of Human beings that have been created there is not two alike. We some times say concerning twins they are so like one another that we do not know much difference. yet when they are examined closely there is a difference. In many cases one is a little taller one a little heavier one different in temper one different in cullor of Hair and so on The first twins Born into this world was two boys. The one was a hairy boy that is to say he had more hair that His wee Brother His wee Brother was smooth. So owing to that they would be easy distinguished being not both alike. It is wonderfull yet it is esential, it would never have done to been other wise in this world. But in the world to come it is going to be different we read there is a great change to take place. We must be all changed who belong to Christ for flesh and Blood can not inherit the Kingdom of God So the curruptible and the mortal must be changed. And we are informed that Great change has to take place in the twinkling of an eye. And when we that are His is ushered into His presence we are all going to see Him and be like Him. What a beautifull thought the Psalmist reveals to us in the 17th psalm. He says we shall be satisfied when we awake in His likeness. So some bright day we are going to be changed and we shall all bear his likeness We are going to awake in His likeness. Not like Him in some aspect and like Him in another. We are really going to be His real self. Some children are taken note of because they are so like their Father. Their natures are nearly like their Fathers. They walk very like Him and they talk like Him yet they are not Him. Others are very like their mother But very like is not actually like Her. So we have to conclude there is not two in this world alike. But in the world to come we who belong by Faith to Christ are going to be made or fashioned like Him Self. Now we read concerning the Thessalonians after having received the Lord as their Saviour they became a waiting people waiting for the return of the Lord from Heaven. Who would change their vile body and fashion it like His own. Allmost 1900 years has passed and gone since that But we read in 2nd Peter 3 chapter that a thousand years is as one day with the Lord. So the Lord is cumming back again first to mid air, and then as the son of man with His people in their glorified state. That is all changed into their new body’s.

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Mr. Chairman Brothers and sisters I may say that I am very glad to be hear to night Having received a kind invation from our Bro and sister Mr. and Mrs. Montgomerie. My wife and Daughter and I find our selves in response to be in your company to night Owing to it being a sisters meeting I thought the Brethren would have got to sit and be quite. However it is very considerate of them to allow us to have a wee word for their benift. I may say that our Ayrshire Poet declared that the happyest nicht that he ere had spent was in amang the lassies o. So I trust we will all have a nice little time among oor sisters in the Lord and that we will leave this place to night saying it was good for us to be here Now in the old Book there are many sisters spoken about. But there is a few who get a prominent place. For instance there is Martha and Mary and Mary Magdalene and Mary the wife of Cleophas and Mary who was Marks mother and many others who was dear to the heart of the Lord Jesus for love and kindness shown to Him in return for His love to them There is one specail on my mind to night whom I like to read about time after time. She is a dear sister to the heart of the apostele Paul that is namely our sister Phebe. We read concerning her, she was a sister a servant and a succourer of many and of Paul Him self So we read she was about to take a journey to come a distance of about 600 miles. What her [gap in original] was I do not know But Paul had just written a beautifull letter from Corinthus to the roman Believers. A letter containing great truth and Revelations and Guidance for the Believer's at rome and as Phebe was going there He entrusted sister Phebe to convey the letter, and when it was read sister Phebe was comended as a dear sister a servant of the Church at Cenchrea and a Succourer of many and of the writer of the letter. Waht a beautifull commendation for one to carry with her into that Great Assembly at rome. Now I do not know what her service was quite possible she kept the little hall clean or attended to the fires and in the interwall she visited the poor sister’s who valued her help while they lay in beds of afflictions for it is said of her she was a succourer of many So there had been many at Cenchrea who was benifed by that Dear Sister namely Phebe The great apostle had many that he spoke about in indearing terms such as Timothy Epaphraditus Epaphrars and many others and I just like to go over them time after time to take the honey out of them that they contain

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