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The New Mannie

Author(s): Liz Niven

Copyright holder(s): Liz Niven


If ye want a nappy chynged jist gie us a bell,
fir A'm a new mannie, can ye no tell?
A'd've hid ma ain wean if only A couldv'e,
an at the labour the wife says she wished A would've,
fir then A could've breast fed them,bit A'm afraid A cannie.
Aye there are some limits tae bein a new mannie.

Bit she's doon the boozer wi her mates the night.
She's worked aw week so it's only right.
A mean A've had some sleepless nights A'll gie ye that,
bit ye cannae complain jist look at ma flat.
Spick an span no a bit a stoor in sight,
the washin's aw done. A've been at it aw night.
A'll dae a wee bit ironin, pit oan ma trannie.
Oh, it's no that bad bein a new mannie.

Ra morra, she says, A can go wi the lads,
a bevvie, the fitba a wee gemme o cards.
She'll take the wean tae it's gran roon the street
get oot fir a drink an a wee bite tae eat,
wi some o the lassies she's kent aw her life.
She tells them she's lucky tae be such a wife
wi a new man at hame tae look efter the kid,
she'll mibbe hae anither when we're oot o the rid.
A'd get a joab if A could bit A cannie,
A'm needit at hame cos A'm a new mannie.

She's thinkin o haein a holiday soon-
a week in New York wi her pals fae the toon.
Will A stey at hame wi the wean fir the week?
A wisnae too sure if that wis a cheek,
an takin advantage o me an ma role.
A'm hauf considerin gaun doon the dole,
gettin a joab an ma ain independence,
bit she's says that's jist a load o auld nonsense.
'A don't want ma man workin', she says that A cannie,
A'm no sure whit tae dae fir A'm a new mannie

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The New Mannie


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