Letter from Hogg to Murray, 4 Jun 1814

Author(s): Hogg, James


Eltrieve Lake By Selkirk June 4th 1818
Dear Sir

As I am busy building a castle
this year and as usual very short of money
I wish you would send me £50 as soon as
this comes to your hand. Blackwood has advanced
me the same sum on The Brownie already
and I did not like to ask him for any more
so soon though I know he would not have
refused me; and as I am in immediate want
of it I knew not any application that
was so likely to be answered as this.

I am wearying very much to hear from
you at any rate and to know what is become
of Lord Byron — when we may expect him
in Britain and what direction will find him
at present. I think his last Canto a most
glorious work throughout and not equalled by
any of his works save some stanzas of the
Third Canto. And I cannot write to you without
congratulating you most heartily on the increasing
interest and value of your Review. I never
in all my life saw any periodical work so
interesting and spirited throughout as your last
and some of the last Nos. of its great opponent
having been so manifestly the reverse the literary

feeling is very much in your favours at present
more than I could wish for the honour of Scotland
but not more nor so much as I could wish for
the sake of my friend. I know the Lord of the
Revenues of Kirkton but pray who may it
be that writes Old and New Greenland [¿]
He must be a man of fine fancy feeling and
genius I am delighted with him and I beg to
embrace him as a brother in imagination.

I fear after all the subscriptions for the
Wake are making but slow progress I do not
think any one is interesting themselves in it
and I cannot we will however publish an
edition before the end of the year in the
manner you were mentioning

Write to me as soon as convenient and
tell me how the Brownie is liked and if
it is likely to sell and whether I should set
about a new tale or a new poem for next
year at the same time. Do not forget me
Dear Murray and believe me
Ever yours most truly
James Hogg

906 Brownie of Bodsbeck received
from Mr Blackwood
370 on P[¿] July 9 1818
536 sold a 9/2 £245.13.4

John Murray Esq.

53 Albemarle street

1818 Jan 4
Hogg, James


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Letter from Hogg to Murray, 4 Jun 1814

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Document ID 698
Title Letter from Hogg to Murray, 4 Jun 1814
Year group 1800-1850
Genre Personal writing
Year of publication 1814
Wordcount 433

Author information: Hogg, James

Author ID 234
Forenames James
Surname Hogg
AKA The Ettrick Shepherd
Gender Male
Year of birth 1770
Place of birth Ettrick, Selkirkshire, Scotland
Occupation Author, farmer, journalist
Father's occupation Farmer
Education Little formal schooling
Locations where resident Ettrick, Edinburgh