Letter from John Finlayson

Author(s): Finlayson, John


Gabriel Napier of Craigannett Esquire Sherriff Depute of Sterling Shire To My Lovites
Officers and
Serjeands of the said shire execrs hereof Conlly and Seally Specially Constitute Greeting forasmuchas
It is humbly meant and shown To me by my Lovite John Millar In Easter Altoun
That where upon the Day and Date hereof The said Complainer obtained Decreet and Sentence all
his Instance Before my Depute against Henry Mcauley Tennent In Shiells of Antermony
Decerning & Ordaining him To make payment and satisfaction to the said Complainer of the sum
of five pound Twelve Shillings Sterling Money of principall and haill bygones
@rents thereof resting unpaid and In Time Coming while [¿] Contained In a Bill Drawn be
the Complr upon and accepted by the said Defender Dated the Seventh Day of June Jajvijc and Thirty-¬
Seven years payable att Martinmaſs thereafter with five shillings money foresaid [¿]
of [¿] for ilk pound of the above principall Sum; For the reasons and Causes Specified and Contained
In the said Decreet, As the Samen of the Date foresaid, Ordaining precepts and all
need full so paſs hereon In manner underwritten, att more length is Contained, therefore
It is my will and I Charge you straitly and Command that Incontinent
their pesents Seen ye paſs, and In our [¿] Name and authority and Mine lawfully
Command and Chage the said Defender To make payment and Satisfaction To the said Complainer
of the foresaid sum of money principall @rents and expence of plea above written Conform To the
Said Decreet In all points, and that within fifteen Days next after he [¿] Charged be you thereto,
wherein [¿] The said space being bypast That ye Incontinent thereafter [¿]
appryse [¿] pound and Distrenzie, his haill readiest moveable Goods Gear Debts [¿] of
money and others whatsomever pertaining or Adebted To him, wherever the samen Can be found within
the said shyre, To the availl and Quantity of the saids sums make penny thereof, and Cause the
said Complainer To be fully paid of the samen, according To [¿], The which To Do &c. Be this
precept Subscrved att sterling the Fourteenth Day of December 1739 years.

Jo: Finlayson


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Letter from John Finlayson

Document Information

Document ID 381
Title Letter from John Finlayson
Year group 1700-1750
Genre Personal writing
Year of publication 1739
Wordcount 354

Author information: Finlayson, John

Author ID 373
Forenames John
Surname Finlayson
Gender Male
Year of birth 1680