Letter to Succoth

Author(s): Campbell, Archibald


Edinb:June 7th
Dr Succoth

I am mightily surprised that
your day is not yet named, & this
makes me suspect some trick notwithstanding
of all these advantages
we have, so that you should in my
opinion pre┼┐s the Sherif to declare
himself; & represent to the Gentlemen
how unfair A way of proceeding this
is, it would be of great use to Daniell
that the debate between the Town
of Dumbarton & the Justices of the
Peace was revived, & the higher that
point can be run it would be the better,
I long to hear from you about
my Ensign.

I am
Yours &c


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Letter to Succoth

Document Information

Document ID 371
Title Letter to Succoth
Year group 1700-1750
Genre Personal writing
Year of publication 1715
Place of publication Edinburgh, Scotland
Wordcount 103

Author information: Campbell, Archibald

Author ID 167
Forenames Archibald
Surname Campbell
AKA Third Duke of Argyll, Earl of Ilay, Ilay
Gender Male
Year of birth 1682
Place of birth Surrey, England
Mother's place of birth Suffolk, England
Father's place of birth Edinburgh, Scotland
Occupation Nobleman, politician, military, judge
Father's occupation Nobleman, Politician
Education University
Locations where resident Glasgow, Edinburgh
Religious affiliation Presbyterian, Catholic