Legal Discharge by James Hamilton

Author(s): Hamilton, James


I James Hamilton of Hutcheſtown heirby acknowledge
and declair that After juſt compt and reckoning wt
Wm Campbell of Garſcub for his buird and his servt
since Whit Sunday [jcjvjc] nyntie four during the haill
tyme that I and my spouse ailmented ym for all sowmes
advanced be me to or for him and for all things whatſomever
furniſhed to him And Lykwayes for all soumes advanced
be me or my sd spouſe fra the sd Wm Campbell
or his Curators factors or others in his name I am compleatly
satiſfied and payed of all ailments advanced
of money to or for him or neceſsars furniſhed to or for him
And yrfor diſcharged him and his of ye same for ever
in witeneſs qrof I have subd thir [¿] wrid be
Robert Campbell wryter in [¿] [¿] my hand
Att Edinbarnet the threty day of September
one thousand seven & [¿] and ane years before
thir wittneſses John Maxwell of Dargavell and the
sd Rob Campbell
Ja Hamillton
J Maxuell uitnes
Ro: Campbell uitnes


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Legal Discharge by James Hamilton

Document Information

Document ID 339
Title Legal Discharge by James Hamilton
Year group 1700-1750
Genre Administrative prose
Year of publication 1701
Place of publication Hutchesontown, Scotland
Wordcount 169

Author information: Hamilton, James

Author ID 273
Forenames James
Surname Hamilton
Gender Male
Year of birth 1670
Locations where resident Hutchesontown, Glasgow