Letter to Archibald Campbell, Regarding His Family

Author(s): Campbell, J


PanmuirAugust 29th
My dear Archd

I seize the first moment
I have to spare since we came here to
thank you for your letter, we have had
such a variety of amusements as every
thing is new to us that I hope you will
excuse my not writing quite so soon as I
ought. I hope you have had by this time
a great deal of pleasure in your jaunt as
I fear Kensington is rather dull for you
but I hope we shall see you in Apr & that
you will get to Garscube for a while, I
believe I shall not be there again this
Summer as Mama has promised to let
me go to [¿] for a Week or Two
when we return from this. it is impoſsible
to tell you how much we are delighted
with this place we have been also at
Breckin Castle which is the most charming
situation & the finest place I ever
saw. you must know that I am a
great rider now the first day I rode

12 & the second day 14 miles but poor Margt.
got a fall which has prevented her,
however she was not much hurt & is now
quite well again she only bruised her
arms a little. She was trying to catch
her Hat which was falling off, & let
go the reins of her horse. we were in the
middle of a field which was lucky but
I fancy she will not try the riding again.
Papas quite alone just now the Children
are at Leith & Sandy & [¿], in the [¿].
We expect him here some time this
Week. we are a good large Family here
at present as all the Children are here
& there has been a good deal of Company
I hope you will remember us all to Mrs
Stewart till My dear Miſs Grant that ſhe
owes me a Letter but that I will [¿]
her again. you may also tell her that of the
North Country is all as pleasant as this that
she will be very fond of it. Papa arrived here
last Night & I believe we shall stay till about

the end of the Week. you must excuse my
writing you such an abominable Scrawl
as really cannot get a moment to myself
but to make up for it I shall write you
all the news I hear whenever I get to Town.
Mrs Dundas is not come down yet and
the Miſses are mostly in Town. They followed
Mrs Siddons to Glasgow where she met with
a very gracious reception. Aunt Peggy
has been attending her. your Cousin [¿]
is gone to the Highlands to Sandy Maclean
Estate. We are going to day on a Party to
[Relly] a Place of Lord Dal's about 5 miles
distant. I am to ride for my improvement
Pray write us soon I do aſsure you a Letter
from you is a feast to us all. especially
when we hear you are happy. I believe
there is something fatal attending this, as it
has been forgot these two Days past. We shall
go to Town on Friday & you may expect to
hear immediately after that.

yours Sincerely
J Campbell

let me intreat you not to
shew this scrawl to any
August 31st, 1785


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Letter to Archibald Campbell, Regarding His Family

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Title Letter to Archibald Campbell, Regarding His Family
Year group 1750-1800
Genre Personal writing
Year of publication 1785
Place of publication Panmure, Scotland
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Author information: Campbell, J

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