Letter to Grandson, Regarding a Shorter Stay in Edinburgh

Author(s): Campbell, John


My Dr Archie

You judged right in thinking my stay would be
short at Edinbr this fine season for I had leſt it before
yours of the 1st Current from [¿], and as
I went on a tour of visits to Blair Gargunnock [¿]
[¿] I only found it on my return here about the
10. I aſsure you I took it on vey good part
the trouble you were at in giving me so particular
description of your situation to [¿] and am
happy that you find yourself so well placed. It is
indeed rationale for one of your age to wiſh to be
among their friends & acquaintances where they have
been [¿] up [¿] but I have that confidence in
your good sense & dispositions that you will always
be amitious to proceed with [¿] in
whatever plan your father thinks (& which you must be
satisfied is calculated for your future happiness and
[¿] a figure in this world
The weather has been so fine that [¿]
work fair on [¿] the [¿] are [¿] the
[¿] which is rather a [¿] got in and the [¿]
of [¿]

I suppose the wheat cropt will be began to be Cutt
about you by this time. We have been liveing
very quietly with the [¿] since. We came last from
Edinr. except Rosie Graham comes over now & then and
plays at Cribbidge with my sister. Willie Walliner is
here and much better tho he continues to be very Carefull
of himself. His Sister Mrs [¿] was safely delivered
a daughter on the 13t and is recoveering very well. The
Girls name is Jean after Lillies mother, by her [¿] dignity
has [¿] to be a Great Grandfather. I presume my
Grandeur is at its [¿], I must now be thinking of
Lowering my saills & resigning in to him, meantime
I find myself in tolerable health and shall wait with
patience till my time came. We heard lately from Jack Willans who
has got an Ensigncy at Calcutta.
Mrs Siddons &c Your mother was to show away there
We expect a little of the Gleanings at Glasgow Mrs
Siddons being it is said to come there soon and the
Hamilton [¿] in the neighbourhood used [¿]. Mr
Bob [¿] & his young wife are come to Glasgow
and and Jamie Hamilton Burns & his young wife to [¿]
we propose soon paying our Respects to both Anne
Walkinſhaw came home about a forttinight ago. staid
ten days with us and we set her down at [¿] where
the Laird of McFarland & his family are now liveing

She proposes continuing thence for a forttinight and then
going to Renfrew Shore to stay some time with her Cousin
Mrs. Hamilton of Johnstone. Ann Hamilton has been
taken up with the new couple at [¿] bid me
expect her here to'day [¿] her brother Claud who is
stile at Liverpooll is turning better but I fancy it is slowly
Now my Dr Archie tho I would not wiſh to oppreſs
you with writing [¿] as it will give me much pleasure
to hear how & then about your health and how you
go on. I hope youll employ half an hour at proper
periods in giveing me that satisfaction while [¿]
continue in Elgnand. We expect Sandy, Annie, [¿]
Johns Archie west in ten or 12 days. Your mother
Jeanie & peggy I understand go to [¿] about
the middle of August, your father to follow when he can,
and bring them back, and soon after their return we
expect to see them here. I hope youll get down in
time to take a few days time too before the Colledges at Ed.

I ever am My Dr Archie
your very affectionat Grandfather
Wm Campbell

Garscube31 July 1785

This goes under your fathers cover to be forwarded


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Letter to Grandson, Regarding a Shorter Stay in Edinburgh

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Title Letter to Grandson, Regarding a Shorter Stay in Edinburgh
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Author information: Campbell, John

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