Letter from Susan Campbell to Her Son, 22 Jun 1785

Author(s): Campbell, Susan


My Dear Archie

As Jane has got a litle of a sore Eye I have
taken up my pen in her stead and I flatter
myself it will give you pleasure that I am
now so well as to write I am happie to hear
you like the place you are at I hope you
have both agreeable and good Companions
your Father seems much pleased with the
Master and Miſstreſs I hope you are so too
do write me all about it as I like all
particulars and you know your Father is
not Over and Above Communicative
I was extremely sorry to leave Garscube as I
never saw it in so great Beauty as at present
the Bricks are making for the
Garden wall and the Porters Lodge allmost
finished the Ground for the Garden is not
yet fixed as your Father had only a Day
to spend at Garscube I was glad to see him
hold out so well after his fatigueing Journey
your Grandfathers folks Came in Tomorrow for a

fortnight and then returns for many Months
I suppose I never saw him so well as he is
at present we left them on Sunday after
Breakfast and Dined at Woodhall which is
a pretty place and a Noble House we got
to town Monday before Breackfast great
Changes youll say when I Travell twelve
Miles before Breakfast but I am now as Early
as I uſed to be late I saw your friend Wachope
yesterday he does not seem pleased with their
new House but I think it must be very
pleasant Lord Dalhousie is retrned from
Buxton much better, but not quite so well as I
wish him to be I was [¿] in the new town
visitting my friends in their new Houses
but what shall I tell you I am quite reconcilled
to the Situation of Our House had
my friend Lady D & Mrs [¿] been near me
I should have preferd it to the new toun but
one Cant get every thing in this World
I think the Plan a vastly good one and only
wish it were all finished and Furnished and
us all safe landed in it - I dont hear one word of

news except Mr Hay Doctor Hays Eldest Sons
Marriage with Miſs Mary Forbes second Daugter
to Lord forbes what did you think of Mr
[¿] Marriage I think he's been very
luckee to get a pretty Girl with two thousand
pound. I fancy you will see Sir Archd
Edmonston soon as he is now in Edinr. on
his way to London he says he hopes youll
be often with them at Hampton Lodge and
I fancy youll be very glad to accept the
offer when the rest of your friends are
disperced but I wont tyre you with another
Word but ll this familys Love to you
and bileive me to be my Dear Archie
your most affect: Mother
Susan Campbell

Edinr June 22d 1785
Since the above was wrot your Father had yours
and is glad to hear that all in Dean street is
safe and hopes Mrs Day will not be so much the
worce of her fight I have heard tuo more Messages
Sir William Conninghame to Miſs [¿]
with a great Fortune and Ned Hay to Miss Murray

of [Mircairny] but I dont say they are for Certain
be so good as deliver John Wallaces letter to Mrs
Stewart with my best Compts to her and
Miſs Grant poor Willy Wallace is not so el
as I thought he would have been in this
fine Weather he goes to Jordanhill the time
the Garscube folks are in town and I would
[¿] hope he will soon turn better
Glasgow says hell write you soon


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Letter from Susan Campbell to Her Son, 22 Jun 1785

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Document ID 319
Title Letter from Susan Campbell to Her Son, 22 Jun 1785
Year group 1750-1800
Genre Personal writing
Year of publication 1785
Place of publication Garscube, Scotland
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Author information: Campbell, Susan

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Forenames Susan
Surname Campbell
Gender Female
Year of birth 1745
Place of birth Murrayfield, Edinburgh, Scotland
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