Letter from Burnes to Murray, 28 Dec 1834

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28-December 1834
My dear Sir,

I have great pleasure in receiving
your note of the 22nd with the proof sheets as well as
your [¿] of the following day, but what with [¿]
and dinners, time flies faster in this capital than
ever I have found it - i have been living fast in every
sense of the word and for or state of fine [¿] in
[¿] lottery here, my fellow traveller & myself [¿]
2700 [¿] which we hold fast but like a good
Christian, I shall render unto Ceaser the things that
are [¿] if in Paris.
I am very much pleased with the proofs
which you have sent to me and think that Mr
Lockharts suggestion is a decidd improvement as it
removes the side notes to the top of the page - I
like the appearence also which when bound up will make
the work of the size of Lyeles Geology I imagine-

You need not therefore delay in printing the remainder as
my brother is at hand to make the few corrections
which I imagine the press will require - I find that
M. Klaproths observations will appear in the "Annales
des Voyages" & not in my book which is simply a
translation-[He] is well on

You do not say anything regarding the plates -
The views of Hydrabad & Sindree would I think answer
if doubled up - but the Cutchee, the Sindian - & the [3] vols
of Bam[¿]an will require to be re lithographed - the coins
may also be doubled up - I would like however if you
could make some alteration in my visage in the
"costume of Bokhara" for it is said to be so arch and
cunning that I shall be handed down to posterity
as a real Tartar!! Suppose you strike it out altogether
or get Mr. Mackie to touch it up a little, or suppose
you substitute a lithograph of the miniature which
I shewed to you & which my Brother has - Do any
of the three which you like - I make the last proposal
because I believe you wish to have me booked but

what you do I ma sure I shall approve of-

I am very sorry to hear of the difficulties which
have been stated regarding the [¿] - It is out of the
question to give such a sum for it & on enquiring here
I find that [¿] map engraver in Paris
is preparing the map for the French edition for 7 or 800

[¿] — I shall write to Cap [¿]
to speak to Mr [¿] on this subject
& if he cannot arrange the [¿]
it will be necessry to engrave as you
say another map - [¿]

will print out the parts necessary which as a general
rule I may mention should extend one inch & a half
on each side of the red line in the old map - In fact
on this instruction I am sure that you even could himself
give the necessary directions - My stay in Paris is
so uncertain that it would be a dubious arrangement
to have a map preponed here & I do nto think the
publisher will be displeased to give the one [¿] is
now preparing, but on this print you would know
better - I have just been at a [¿] of the

[¿] where I met Klapworth who looks more like a dying
man than a contentious critic - I am to accompany the
Geographical Society on the [¿] to see Louis Philippe
but it is a [¿] day and all I shall ahve the hour
John Murray Esqr
50 Albemarle Street

of seeing will be [¿] as I believe he is
silent as a [¿] God - on such occasions - I am enjoying
Paris very much & think that your was prediction of my
never getting beyond it will prove true - With best remem
berences to him & your family believe me
Yours ever sincerely
[¿] Barnes-


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Letter from Burnes to Murray, 28 Dec 1834

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