Letter from Hogg to Murray, 9 Dec 1819

Author(s): Hogg, James


Altrive by Selkirk

Decr. 9th 1819
My dear Sir

By a letter from Blackwood to
day I have the disagreeable intelligence that circumstances
have occurred which I fear will deprive me of you
as a publisher; I hope never as a friend; for I here attest,
though I have heard some bitter things against you, that
I never met with any man whatever who on so
slight an acquaintance has behaved to me so like
a gentleman. — Blackwood asks to transfer your shares
of my trifling works to his new agents I answered “never
without your permission” As the Jacobite relics are not
yet published and as they would only involve you further
with one with whom you are going to [lose] accounts I
gave him liberty to transfer the share you were to have
of them to Messr C. & D. But when I consider your handsome
subscription for the Queen's Wake if you have the slightest
inclination to retain your shares of that work and The
Brownie as your name is on them along with Blackwood
I would much rather; not only from affection but
interest. Cadell and Davis will never send me so many
new books and reviews as you have done. But you
know I am so involved and circumvolved with Blackwood
that I cannot give up any of his shares to any one

I know these books are of no avail to you and
that if you retain them it will be on the same principle
that you published them namely one of friendship for
your humble poetical countryman. I'll never forget

your kindness for I cannot think I am tainted
with the general vice of authors Ingratitude; and the first
house that I call at in London will be one in Albemarle

To make a long talk short my dear Sir send me
a line telling me whether it is best for me to transfer
the remainder of the editions of these two books to C. & D or
let them remain with you. That is all I want to know
and exactly as you say it shall be done for you are a better
judge of these things than I am and I am conscious that
you are disinterested
I remain

Ever Yours most truly
James Hogg
To J. Murray Esq.

Murray 3/[2]

John Murray Esq
Albemarle Street

Revd J Hogg
Decr 9. 1819


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Letter from Hogg to Murray, 9 Dec 1819

Document Information

Document ID 219
Title Letter from Hogg to Murray, 9 Dec 1819
Year group 1800-1850
Genre Personal writing
Year of publication 1819
Place of publication Selkirk
Wordcount 404

Author information: Hogg, James

Author ID 234
Forenames James
Surname Hogg
AKA The Ettrick Shepherd
Gender Male
Year of birth 1770
Place of birth Ettrick, Selkirkshire, Scotland
Occupation Author, farmer, journalist
Father's occupation Farmer
Education Little formal schooling
Locations where resident Ettrick, Edinburgh